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Show Choir Horsham


What do you get as a Show Choir Member?      

  • The Thrill of Performing in Theatres and Outdoors!
  • The Excitement of West End Theatre Trips!  
  • The Joy of Singing Shows songs!
  • The Adventure of Performing Abroad 
  • The Expertise of your Show Choir Leaders!
  • The Fun of Show Choir Socials!

Here are the ways to join Show Choir:

1. Monthly Membership at just £25pp or £45 for couples paid by Direct Debit. This means that if you come to sing weekly, it works out at only £6.67 per session!! But even better, as we now have 6 Show Choir rehearsals every week, you can come to as many as you like at no extra charge!

2. Flexi- Membership.  Pay for 10 sessions in advance for £85 ( £75 concessions). This works out at £8.50 per session (£7.50 for concessions), and can be be used any time. You use one whenever you come to choir, so you will never lose a session!  This can be paid by cheque at rehearsals. (Concessions: These apply to students, over 65's and registered disabled and unemployed.)

3. Pay as you Go Membership. This is £9 per session or £8 concessions.

Just pick the payment option that works best for you, and we'll see you at choir!

Show Choir runs for 44 weeks per year (unlike many choirs who only open their doors 30 weeks in a year), so you'll always have the chance to get your singing fix!





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